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Camera Floor Track Dolly System 1

dolly, track, rail, carbon fiber,
Price: $1,495.00
Item Number: CXL FTR 1
Manufacturer: Carbon XL LLC
Manufacturer Part No: CXL TR1
Camera Floor Track Dolly system. Shoot on up to 22-ft, 6.7-m, of floor dolly track from Carbon XL System 6, 8, or 10. Add more dolly track as required. Comes tripod leg mounts and 41-ft , (10.3-m) of .75-in, (19-mm) diameter carbon fiber tubing which can be assembled in the variety of forms for different track widths or other camera mounts.
8-lb, 3.6-kg,
  • Ultra-light, ultra-strong carbon fiber construction
  • Super-smooth 16-wheel caster mount for near friction-free movement
  • Easy track setup even on uneven terrain
  • Adjusts for track widths from 12-in, (300-mm), to 38-in, (950-mm).
  • Can be used with Carbon XL crane/jib on tripod or camera on tripod
  • Load capacity; 200-lb, 90-kg
  • Can be packed in existing cases for Carbon XL System 6, 8, or 10.