Carbon Fiber Jibs, Cranes and Dollies

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  • carbon fiber, jib, camera crane, camera cranes, travel jib, jibs, lightweight crane, cranes, jibs, dolly, dollies, portable, track, rail, boom, time-lapse, motorized, car mount
  • jib, crane, carbon fiber, camera crane, camera cranes, travel jib, jibs, lightweight crane, travel, cranes, jibs, dolly, dollies, portable, track, rail, boom, time-lapse, motorized, car mount, jimmy jib
carbon fiber, jib, camera crane, camera cranes, travel jib, jibs, lightweight crane, travel, cranes, jibs, dolly, dollies, portable, track, rail, boom, time-lapse, motorized, car mount, jimmy jib

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Carbon XL Wins Best Show Award at NAB

At the NAB show, The Carbon XL 10 System received the Digital Video Black Diamond Best of Show Award.
The Digital Video Black Diamond Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the advancement of video technology.

Black Diamond Award nominations are made by an impartial jury of industry professionals. Final selections are determined by the editors of the Broadcast/Video division of NewBay Media. In selecting the Black Diamond Award winners, the editors must unanimously agree on the merits of the product or technology and on how it serves the Digital Video readership.

"Our teams searched the NAB show floor for products that were truly deserving of recognition," says NewBay Media Broadcast & Video Group Vice President & Group Publisher Eric Trabb. "Recognition with an award at NAB from the Broadcast & Video Group is a strong vote of confidence and admiration from this leading industry publication."

Jeff Victor of Digital video magazine made the presentation to Neal Williams of Carbon XL, and Jeff cited the significant engineering accomplishment of the Carbon XL design team.

Many visitors commented that the Carbon XL 10 System was the best product they saw at the show, and their first choice of all the crane-jib systems on display.

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CARBON XL: several products in one fully integrated camera support system – Camera crane, Camera Jib, Heavy-duty Tripod, Dolly with track, Car Mount, Zero-gravity head, Remote Camera Mount, Powered Rotating Platform, Powered Time Lapse Track, and more. Now it is possible for one person to hand-carry one, 50-pound piece of equipment to any location with the image capturing ability of several hundred pounds of conventional camera support.

Design engineer and award-winning nature documentarian Neal Williams, first conceived of a multi-function carbon fiber camera support system while shooting in the Amazon Jungle. The need was there but the equipment didn’t exist – so, he invented it. Carbon XL is the World’s lightest, most versatile camera support.
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Carbon XL is a huge hit at NAB.

Huge crowds at NAB 2011

Excitement ran high in the Carbon XL booth at NAB as we introduced our new carbon fiber camera jib crane and dolly track system for the first time. How would show attendees rate them against the competition? Would they like the products?

It didn't take long for Carbon XL to get some answers. With our booth located near an exit next to registration, and the camera mount of our 18' carbon fiber jib crane clearly visible 20' off the ground, attendees swarmed in when the opening bell rang to check out our new crane and 22' powered dolly track.

Here are actual comments from the booth visitors.

Huge crowds at NAB 2011

"I have been waiting for years for someone to do this."

"This is amazing! The first booth I walk into has exactly what I was looking for."

"This system is extremely well thought out!"
(This phrase was heard again and again.)

"I can't believe all these tubes fit in that single tripod case, and weigh only 16 pounds."

"Does the price include all of this? Really? And the powered time lapse too?"
(By about 50 different visitors.)
Huge crowds at NAB 2011
"You mean to tell me that I can counterweight a 6 pound camera with 12 bottles of Dr. Pepper?"

"That carbon fiber looks really sexy and high tech compared to the others."

OK, the attendees really liked its light-weight and multi-use design.

A whole carbon fiber system with 18' crane, servo pan/tilt, 22' manual or powered dolly track, a car mount, a remote camera control from 30' away, and a radius dolly, all weighing less than 50 pounds was very appealing. Especially when it packs down to 4 cases with nothing over 36" long, and shipping weight under 100 pounds, including cases. And, many attendees scratched their heads in disbelief when they learned they could have it all for $12,950.00.

As the show continued, many new applications surfaced.

"We can use this track system in operating rooms to shoot operations. The whole track will fit in the sterilizer."

"We need a light weight system like this in our church."

"I wish we had this on our last arctic expedition."

"This will be a lot easier to carry and setup on the tops of buildings."

"I want to use this for extreme sports shows. We can carry it up the slopes on our backs."

"I think I can get all this on the back of my motorcycle!"

Many of the most enthusiastic visitors already owned other crane systems. They were quick to recognize that they would now be able to take the Carbon XL System 10 to many locations, when they would have left their heavier systems at home. They also would now have the 22' dolly track and a car mount for only 6 more pounds of equipment. Production values can take a big step upward, while their backs can get a relief.

Later in the show, many visitors came back for a second look:

"I've had a chance now to look at all of the competitors here, and your system is clearly the best for me."

"I going to put my "XXX" brand up for sale as soon as get home."

"You're way ahead of the competition."

"I can't wait to show this to the guys. They are going to flip!"

"I am recommending this system for purchase to my boss as soon as I get home."

"You got me!"

Carbon XL was a big hit at its first show. Cameramen could see that the Carbon XL System 10 was clearly something new that leap-frogged over the competition. It is lighter, more versatile, and much easier to get to the location.

Frequent travelers plan on saving a bundle on air freight and excess baggage charges. One less cab is needed to carry the equipment. Crew size can drop by one or two people. Balance weight requirements are cut in half, and barbell weights can be replaced by shopping bags with drinks or rocks in many cases.

Now cameramen can make really long dolly shots without leveling the track. In fact, they don't even need to bring the track.

This is a new age in camera size. Lighter cameras deserve lighter equipment. Budgets demand smaller crews.

Carbon XL is at the forefront.

From NAB

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