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Carbon XL 10 System

camera jib crane, carbonfiber, Grand Canyon
Price: $14,950.00
Item Number: CXL 10
Manufacturer: Carbon XL LLC
Manufacturer Part No: CXL 10

Camera Crane, jib, boom, zero-gravity head, car mount, dolly rail track, and motorized time-lapse system, with major components built of carbon fiber. Introducing the World’s lightest, portable camera crane (50-lb, 23-kg, excluding counterweights and cases). Easily converts to Zero Gravity Head Jib, Track Dolly, Car Mount, or Motorized Time-Lapse Track. This system is designed specifically for airline travel and limited or difficult to access locations.

  • 18.5-ft crane-jib reach (range: 34-in - 304-in x 30-in, 860-7720-mm x 750-mm)
  • 5-lb Camera needs only 55-lb ballast at 18.5-ft crane extension, (20-lb Camera requires 125-lb ballast)
  • Converts to 21-ft, 6.4-m camera dolly rail track for tripod or floor mount
  • Ultra-light, ultra strong carbon fiber construction
  • Exclusive Aim and Shoot pan/tilt/zoom with easy-to-use, one-hand control
  • Can operate with 7 to 24 VDC camera batteries
  • Precision all angle balance counterweight adjustment feature
  • Zero-gravity head for front end camera jib operation without installing a fluid head
  • Effortless one-person operation for pan, tilt, elevate, sweep, zoom, focus and record
  • Motorized time-lapse dolly rail track, drive motor and speed controller 
  • Car mount with 4 vacuum cups
  • Packing cases and tube case with laminated assembly and packing instructions

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