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Camera Tripod, Manfrotto 528XB

Price: $782.00
Item Number: 528XB
Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Manufacturer Part No: 528XB

The 528XB is the ideal location tripod, with a massive 50kg load capacity. It is a sturdy single-stage tripod with a single-tube leg structure. Tubes are made of stainless steel for strength under heavy loads, and aluminium for weight saving. The leg spread is fully adjustable, but also incorporates a 30° locked position for faster set up and greater strength. A 100mm bowl accepts industry-standard half-ball video heads and allows you to level the head quickly for accurate panoramic shots. The included claw ball allows you to use it with heads not equipped with a half ball. The 528XB includes a versatile mid-level spreader, which has telescopic 'ratchet' braces that click into place in each of the preset positions for faster deployment. Each brace can be individually set, allowing each tripod leg to be separately positioned.

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